Hospitality and Guest Services Intern, Spring 2018
Finance Intern, Fall 2018

Texas Health Dallas

Resham Panjabi

"Currently a fourth-year Healthcare Management and Finance student at UT Dallas, I have received an invaluable amount of exposure to the hospital environment through this internship. In large part due to the wonderful staff, I have been pushed to follow my passion and glean more about the inner workings of hospital operations.

From ongoing meet and greets to shadowing opportunities with THD personnel, the experience I have gained is rich in quantity as well as quality. Not only have my professional skills been sharpened in the Hospitality and Guest Relations arena, but also in other departments that have happily provided me the necessary knowledge and experience. Even more, becoming Yellow Belt certified as a requirement for this internship continues to build my future as an aspiring health care professional.

I truly hope more students are able to receive the opportunity to intern with Texas Health Dallas in order to become well-rounded professionals. My time here has been an absolute blessing and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me!"


Academic Intern

Texas Health Dallas

Baylor Scott & White

Methodist Health System

Areesa Shabbir


"My name is Areesa and I am a senior undergraduate Healthcare Management major.  I discovered my passion for the Healthcare Management field after I began volunteering at Methodist Mansfield in high school and then continued on to intern at urgent cares, Baylor Scott & White and am currently an intern at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas.

The only two choices I don’t regret in life are adopting my cat and gaining healthcare experience through volunteering and internships. I highly recommend getting as many healthcare experiences you can to find your niche within healthcare. If you have any questions regarding anything healthcare management or HMA feel free to reach out to me! I’m always down to chat!! (preferably over coffee)."

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Intern, PRN Employee

Texas Health Dallas

Ilhaam Ali

"Texas Health Resources has given me the opportunity to help and serve guests as well as provide support to individuals and their families. Often, people who come to the hospital are dealing with hardships that can affect the way they interact with others. My job has allowed me to be able to sympathize with different people and be their rock as they face their challenges. In addition to this. Texas Health Resources has also allowed me to expand my knowledge in Healthcare Management and create connections with employees in departments relating to health administration to expose myself to the field and pave the way for my future. I am incredibly grateful for the chance to work with so many well-rounded individuals and I truly believe that my time here will be beneficial."

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Rolando Perez

"My experience at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas has been incredibly life changing. I have had the privilege to serve my community alongside the most passionate group of people I have ever met. Being part of an organization that actually cares about the quality of care for their patients and improving their lives has only made my experience that much more inspirational. I learned everything from the layout of the hospital to the vast variety of technological issues the hospital faces daily.I have worked on everything from troubleshooting technological issues, both big and small, to leading my very own Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt project. Not to mention I had the amazing opportunity to witness highly advanced robotic technology such as Moxi or the Da Vinci surgical robot. I would not trade this experience for anything else." 

Texas Health Dallas

IT Academic Intern

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Kinza Sohail

"Baylor Scott & White Health gave me the opportunity to serve as a community advocate. This program allowed me assist under-served patients who needed access to resources to better their quality of life. It was a really rewarding experience because I was able to impact the lives of several people by addressing them to resources that helped them access more food, shelter, clothing, housing, etc. My role also allowed me to learn more about social work and improved my communications skills with patients. I am extremely grateful that I was given this opportunity to impact the lives of many families and individuals that were in need of resources outside of healthcare."

Baylor Scott & White Health

Misty Woodland

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