Why Join?

You are an incredibly smart person, that’s why you were accepted at UTD. Many don’t know though, that just being smart and getting good grades will not lead you to your dream job. This fact may or may not be news to you, but it’s very important to remember. We are here to help you grow your career in all the ways that just getting good grades will not. Keep reading for a list of ways that becoming an official HMA member can help you land your dream job!


By becoming a member, you get an incredibly rare opportunity for first access to Dallas area internships. When they become available, a description and a link is distributed to all official paid members via email. Moral of the story? Don’t forget to become an official paid member! All you have to do is click on the Paypal link to the right!


“Network, not work!” Have you ever heard this quote? It points to the reality of what it’s like on the job hunt. To get your dream job, who¬†you know is just as important, or even more important, than what you know. By joining this club, you get the opportunity to attend networking and social events where you can meet other peers and professionals in the healthcare industry. These are the people who could help you later, when you begin to apply for jobs (if you haven’t started already). We email everyone on our mailing list with general meeting times, so make sure to subscribe on the right side of this page!

Business Cards

So now you understand that networking is important and you’re ready to start attending events. Don’t make the mistake of attending without bringing your business cards! If you’re not exchanging business cards with a new potential contact, you will be forgotten, and you will forget your new contact. Your cards should be personalized,¬†featuring your name, contact information, and UTD business school logo. Passing out your business card will make you memorable and more. Your business card will associate your name with UTD’s prestigious business school, and show that you go above and beyond. Standing out to a potential business contact or employer can only increase your chances of landing your dream job. Order your personalized UTD business cards by clicking here.

Staying Informed

The most successful executives and workers understand the big picture. They read all of the current healthcare news articles to understand the professional world they live and breathe. By subscribing to our email list, it becomes easy to stay in the know. We will email you articles from various news sources about the hot topics, news, and trends in healthcare. You can subscribe to the mailing list after you have paid your membership dues!


Visit our Contact Us page to ask us anything, and everything! We are here to help, and there is no such thing as a dumb question. We remember what it’s like to know nothing in a completely new field and learn everything from the ground up.